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D-Z2FS 6-2-4X/2QV
€ 0,00
€ 0,00
D-Z2FS 16-31/S2
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D-Z2FS 22-3X/S2
€ 0,00

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Dubbele stroomregelventielen

Double Throttle Check Valve; Sandwich Plate Valves
Dubbele stroomregelventielen

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  • Dubbele stroomregelventielen


Dubbele stroomregelventielen

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  Adjustement Connection Max. Flow Max. Pressure Type
  Type Sizes lt/min bar  
D-Z2FS 6-2-4X/2QV Wrench NG 6 80 315 double throttle adjustement with check valve
D-Z2FS 10-5-3X/S2V NEW SERIES Alien Wrench NG 10 120 315  
D-Z2FS 16-31/S2 Alien Wrench NG 16 250 350  
D-Z2FS 22-3X/S2 Alien Wrench NG 22-25 350 350  

The model with flow control at the entrance and the models with separatley adjustment for A and B line can be delivered at order.